Monday, July 2, 2018

East Hampton, New York

Friday night, after work, Michelle, Marykate and I drove out to East Hampton for a fun weekend! We were ready for sun, sand, sunscreen, sweat and saltwater.

It took us about two and a half hours to get out east, which is a little longer than normal. Over the years, Michelle has figured out that the best way to avoid traffic is to drive through Sag Harbor to avoid Montauk Highway! Montauk Highway has so much bumper to bumper traffic, the ride is painful. The Sag Harbor route is so much nicer!
 Like tradition, we ordered pizza from Pepperonis, and dined before going into the hot tub. A late night after a long drive, pizza and hot-tubbing, was not complete until we watched a couple episodes of Queer Eye on Netflix! It is just like my favorite childhood show, What Not to Wear on TLC, but way funnier!

Saturday morning, we slept in and moseyed on down to Atlantic Avenue beach in Amagansett. We spent the whole day basking in the sun, reading, and trying to avoid obnoxious beach-goers. We brought lunch, snacks and plenty of sunscreen. 
Michelle and Marykate swam in the ocean and I just observed and caught up on some reading.
I love to swim, but I don’t really like to swim in the ocean. After years of being spoiled on Marco Island with the Gulf of Mexico sans waves, I have never really enjoyed waves that were larger than maybe a couple of inches. I tried to swim in the ocean when I was younger, but I always got pulled under and tumbled into the waves. I kind of gave up on ocean swimming and now I just treat myself to swimming in a pool.

After sweating my brains out at the beach with no cooling relief, I dunked myself in the pool and played around on, not one, not two, but three animal pool floats!
Roberto, Isabelle and Eliza were all great companions for an afternoon in the pool.

After a long day of relaxing we were ready to eat!! I showered in the outdoor shower, which, I know you wouldn’t expect me to enjoy, but I did! We got all dolled up and took pictures in front of classic blue hydrangeas. They are my favorite flowers this time of year!
 I post all the pictures of the hydrangeas in my front yard on my Instagram and on my Pinterest

We took a five-minute drive to go to Harbor Bistro for some surf-and-turf with water views. The views were stunning, and the food was delicious!! 
All the items on the menu were Asian inspired sea-food! I ordered shrimp and scallops for my entrée and we dined on some calamari for our appetizer! We had dessert at the restaurant and then at home, because you can never have too much dessert! And I was on vacay after all!
I was so stuffed that I needed my food to digest before hot-tubbing, so we watched Set it Up on Netflix. It was a painfully bad movie. After digesting our food, we had another hot tub excursion before more Queer Eye and then bed!

We slept in yet again on Sunday morning and went back to the beach. We fought for a nice beach spot and relaxed.
We repeated playing in the pool after the beach and instead of going out for dinner, we had a little Mexican inspired night with some taco-rice outside on the deck!

We packed up and sadly made our way home while singing along to High School Musical, Cheetah Girls and Magic in the Hamptons!

Such a relaxing weekend. I always have the best time in the Hamptons and I am already itching to go back next summer!!


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