Monday, April 18, 2016

70 Degrees and Sunny

Okay let's just ignore my selfie stick shadow okay???
It was so warm today! Beautiful spring weather! 
I am so lucky that it was warm this weekend for prom! I had the most amazing time! 
I have to say, I am exhausted.... I maybe got 2 hours of sleep and then in the car ride home I tried to sleep but couldn't because my arm kept slipping off the window sill..... :(
My quote of the day, "The bigger the hair the closer to God..." This was my catch phrase all day because my hair was very fluffy and frizzy today because I slept on it wet. But I was so exhausted last night I didn't have the patience to let it air dry.

Shirt: J Crew white t-shirt with beaded collar (similar)
Skirt: J Crew white and blue pencil skirt (similar)


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