Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hello Ariadne, Daniel, Gabby, Caprice, Dominique and everyone else from school!
How's it going? Welcome to my blog!
I'm surprised you have all known about this for so long and just decided to mention it to me now....
But it's all good! You can continue to make fun of me, I don't care, whatever!

For the people who actually care:
I had a home match today and I won my singles match (21-13 and 21-7) and my team won overall!
So now we are 8-0 and undefeated. We are about halfway through the season, so we only have a couple of weeks left until counties!
I really hope we win in our conference because I would love to get a big '16 on the badminton banner that hangs in the gym!

Warm weather is still coming in!
Still not warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts but a long sleeve with do just fine!
My shorts have a really cute design on them. They have little stick figures and abstract shapes and some palm trees and some boats....Pretty much everything, maybe even some people playing badminton?? Who knows! So the design has some light blue in it, so I wore a blue button down to complement the shorts. Normally, with these shorts I would just wear a white shirt or black but I think the blue looks really nice.


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