Monday, April 11, 2016

I Passed!!!!

Now these are victory selfies that I took today after I passed my road test!!

As my friends would say, I kinda played hooky today because my road test wasn't until 1pm but I stayed and just relaxed all day. I did some practice driving a little bit before my test, ran some errands and got in a great workout!
I had a pretty great day!

I am pretty much the last one of all my friends to take my road test. But that's okay, better late then never. I also didn't finish driver's ed until February so there's that. But that's okay! I didn't tell any of my friends that I was taking my road test today because I didn't want them to know so if I failed I could take it again and everything would be fine. And I know you probably think my friends aren't supportive or whatever, they are trust me, just for things like this they would probably never let me drive if I failed. Even though I passed they still probably won't let me drive, but whatever! 

I was really nervous for my road test today. Only a couple of days ago did I really nail parallel parking so, I was just nervous that I wasn't going to pass. Also, my brother passed on the first time so I knew that there was no way I couldn't pass on the first try. So during my test, at apparently the toughest dmv in the state, I got really lucky by having a really nice and chill lady. The car in front of me got the TERMINATOR!! She's this woman who everyone knows and who fails everyone! So I really got lucky. 
When I get nervous or am in awkward situations I like to make jokes. So I was really nervous so of course I started making jokes! I was driving and everything was going great I was really being very dramatic by checking both ways multiple times at the stop signs, taking very long looks over my shoulder and etc. So all of a sudden this man just decided to j-walk across the street so I'm like "Okay, whatever that's fine sir," very sarcastically and light hearty in the car. My examiner laughed. She told me that people love to j-walk especially in the summer around the dmv testing center. So then I continued to turn and drive and blah blah blah. We made it to this little residential area where I did a three point turn and there was this big thing of bubble wrap in the street so of course I made another joke and asked the woman if she had put it in the street on purpose and if that was part of my test. She laughed and said it wasn't. I told her to tell her later students to tell them she put it there on purpose to see how they would react, and she told me that was just special for me. LOL! Also as I was driving back to the dmv center this UPS truck just decided to stop in the middle of the road, so that was fun but she helped me and direct me how to get around the truck. So thanks UPS! 
And finally when she handed me my receipt and my paper license for the next couple of weeks, she said, "I don't want this to sound insulting but you look just like Anne Hathaway," I was flattered, and I think I really do look like a young Anne Hathaway especially when she was in Princess Diaries, aka my favorite movie ever!!

Sweater: Gap orange sweater (similar)
Necklaces: multi stranded pearl necklace (similar)

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