Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Tampon Saved the Day???

Now I know what you're thinking by the title, and it's not what you think....
Today on the ride home from my very far away badminton game (that is the reason for my crazy looking hair) one of my teammates got a bloody nose. And I'm talking like gushing blood. Unfortunately, all we had in the first aid kid was gauze pads which was fine and everything but she must have gone through 20 of them. So as another girl and I are helping her I say, "Okay I know you are going to think I sound crazy, but bear with me, if you want your nose to stop bleeding just put a tampon up your nose, I know I know it's crazy but it works trust me! My brother is a Boy Scout and when they go camping they bring tampons to stop their bloody noses and it really works!" Of course everyone on the bus thought I was crazy so I just continued to give her gauze pads. After her nose continued to bleed and 20 gauze pads later she agreed to the tampon idea. Lets be real, it's the tampons job to be super absorbent!! Luckily, I had an extra tampon in my bag and gave it to her and voila! Her nose stopped bleeding! 
That was the most eventful bus ride I ever had!!

This is the craziest weather ever! It's like 30 degrees here and it's APRIL!!!! It needs to warm up for next week because next week is prom!!! 

Sweater: Gap long pink cardigan (similar)
Shoes: Sperry's in sparkly gold (similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle (similar)


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