Tuesday, August 10, 2021

10 Tips on how to be Memorable at your Summer Internship

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I just finished my 10-week long legal internship with Lawyers Alliance for New York.

I had the best experience shadowing attorneys and connecting with clients. I learned and applied some of my knowledge from law school in the real world. I researched, wrote memos, and collaborated with attorneys.

I feel so grateful for the guidance and support I received this summer from my boss and the staff at my internship.

I had a successful and fun summer internship and here are my best tips for succeeding:

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1.          Be eager to learn and work.

2.          Be enthusiastic about projects you’re assigned to.

3.          Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the project you were assigned but also about your fellow coworkers and how they got to the position they are in now. 

4.          Be willing to learn! Accept your new position and adapt. Learn as much as you can and take the most out of it.

5.          Take criticism with grace. Not everyone you work with will be pleasant, nor will you get everything right. And that’s okay! That’s the point! You’re supposed to make mistakes! That’s how you learn.

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6.          Don’t complain EVER! Not to your boss, nor your coworkers nor anyone. It’s unprofessional and not appropriate. Complain to your boyfriend, mom, or friends from school, but not your coworkers.

7.          Network and talk to your coworkers about their career paths.

8.          Don’t talk about your future positions. Like complaining, this is rude. Yes, most internships are steppingstones to your next opportunity, but it is still unprofessional to talk about your next move when you’re still working at your current position.

9.          Write a handwritten thank you note at the end of the summer! Say THANK YOU for all that you learned and the opportunity and guidance your boss gave you.

10.          Be speedy and efficient. Make sure you are getting all your assignments done on time or early!

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