Wednesday, August 4, 2021

My 23rd Birthday and 23 Fun Facts About Me

pearl headband, gingham dress, straw bag, hydrangeas, long island, summer

Today is my 23rd birthday! To celebrate: I am sharing 23 fun facts about me below!

long island, warm weather, jack rogers, gingham, dress, straw bag, pearl headband

1.          I have a birthmark on the back of my head called an “angel’s kiss” and I’ve never seen it.

2.          I would love to wear high heels everyday if I could.

3.          I hate the cold but love snow when I can look at it from inside.

4.          I still have two baby teeth.

5.          I have never died my hair.

6.          My twin brother used to call me “deedee” when we were little. I would call him “Po.”

7.          My favorite color is pink.

8.          For 10 years I was on a Girl Scout cookie box.

9.          I had pet gerbils and goldfish growing up.

10.       I am 11 minutes younger than my twin brother.

11.       I have three nieces and three nephews. I also have one sister and two older brothers.

12.       My favorite mascara is Maybelline the Rocket.

13.       I don’t wear glasses or contacts.

14.       I got my car towed once but I have never gotten a ticket (yet).

15.       I have a huge fear of snakes.

16.       My favorite snack is pretzels.

17.       My immediate family is 17.

18.       I used to get very motion sick (like I would throw up on every plane ride) but I grew out of it but coach buses still make me sick.

19.       I only write in pencil in class and black pen in my planner.

20.       My favorite holiday is Christmas.

21.       I am in a robe 18 hours of the day.

22.       I speak French.

23.       I have never been to California- the furthest out west I’ve been is Vegas. 

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