Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Last Day of Class of Junior Year 2019

I can’t believe it; I finished my 3rd year of college!
I have 3 papers, 1 project and 1 take-home test before I leave Wake Forest for the summer and return home to New York. 
I will then officially be a college senior.

This semester I was in class for 70 days. 
A total of 14.5 credit hours a week.
6 classes.
About 217.5 hours of class in total. 
At least 400 or more hours of studying and doing homework this semester.
0 snow days.
2 chorus concerts.
3 field trips.
5 notebooks.
30 Pilates classes.
30 spin classes.
15 plays read for my English classes.
3,920,000 mL of water I consumed.
0 all nighters.
6 textbooks.
15 Kappa Delta chapter meetings.
1 5K run.
1 hike.
1 day in Charlotte.
1 night of karaoke.
27 blog posts plus this one, 28.

Too many laughs, too many tears, too many quad pictures and too many good conversations and times with my friends to count.

This semester was amazing. Still doesn’t top last semester in France, but I still had a ball!

2 more semesters and 1 more year to go before I am a Wake Forest University alum.


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