Tuesday, January 15, 2019

First Day of Class and my Junior Year Dorm Room

Happy 2019!

I am back in North Carolina after a semester abroad to finish out my junior year.

I moved in on the 6thand have been on campus for a week participating in sorority recruitment.
Sunday was Bid Day (you can read more about Rush and Bid Day HERE), and yesterday was the first day of class!

I was so excited to move back on to campus and see all of my sorority sisters and friends after months and months apart.
But if I’m being honest, I was extremely overwhelmed my first day back during sorority rush.
I was still trying to set up my new room and also see all my friends and catch up on our lives!
It was a lot.
It took me a day to get situated from my culture shock and back to normal.
A week later, and I feel like I never left!

My room this year is another single on the quad.
I snagged the last single available and I am SO happy!
It is not as big as my single from last year, and nothing can compare to that beautiful room, (click HERE to see it) but this one is perfect for me!
I kept my décor and my room layout the same as last year, as best as I could, except that the only two outlets I have are both on the same wall, talk about annoying!

I love my new little room and I am so excited to be back!
I have a very exciting semester ahead and I cannot wait to share it all with you!


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