Monday, January 14, 2019

Rush KAPPA DELTA: Formal Sorority Recruitment and Bid Day

A fun yet exhausting week, but 56 new members later, I am a happy lady!

Sorority recruitment this year started off a bit rough for me.
I had to move in into my new dorm and return to Wake Forest campus after 9 months apart.
I was so excited to be back on campus, until I actually got to campus and was hit with serious culture shock, you can read more about that in my blog post tomorrow.

I was immediately overwhelmed when I moved back in a week early for formal recruitment.
I had to set up my new room and reunite and catch up with all my friends.
It was a lot, but a day later, I was back to my normal self, and felt like I had never left my amazing friends and my beautiful campus.

First day of recruitment was SPIRIT DAY!
Our chapter sang, hung out and bonded with our sisters.

Day 2: first day of meeting potential new members
The longest day but probably the most fun, because I got to meet so many girls and I got to hang out with my friends all day long!

Day 3: Philanthropy Day
We got to watch the KD national video, talk about Girl Scouts and my love for the organization, as well as my appearance on the Thanks a Lot cookie box!
During one of the parties, a potential new member even came up to me and told me she follows my blog! Hi again!
I felt like a celebrity!

Day 4: Sisterhood day
We got to watch the super fun sisterhood video that our chapter made! (Click HERE to watch it) I loved the music and how silly our chapter is! I even made the cut with Erin in Times Square!

Day 5: Pref Night
I talked to the sweetest girls that are in love with KD as much as I am.
We got to hear some beautiful testimonials from our friends and sisters and shed lots of tears that night.

Day 6: Bid DAY
We stood outside our lounge and danced for an hour in the freezing cold, as we awaited our new members!
Our theme was BIRTHDAY PARTY! I got all dressed up in a ridiculous outfit, totally not T&P approved and danced like a crazy person outside on the Quad!

My mom says that I am the only college student she has ever known to have a costume box... but yes, I do have a costume box, and I LOVE it!

As fun as Bid Day is, it is also a hard day for some freshmen, because not all the girls that we loved got a bid from us.
But the girls that we did give bids to, were so excited and we were so excited to have them as part of our Kappa Delta family!
To celebrate, we went to a trampoline park before heading to bed after a very long and exciting week and before our first day of class!

Bid Day was the best way to start the semester.
I am so excited for the new pledge class and I CANNOT wait to get a grand-little!

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