Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Drama in the Hamptons


I had such a fun and very interesting past weekend at Michelle's house in the Hamptons.

It started with some drama, that unfortunately I created.
I had a very busy and stressful day at work on Friday. Originally Michelle and I were supposed to leave work at two but then my boss asked me if I could sub in for a teacher who's wife was in labor... So I said ah okay. Mind you I am not a teacher and it was three SAT classes that I had to teach, an hour a class. Also, I never took the SAT only the ACT and regardless it's a new form of the SAT.... so you can imagine I was a bit clueless.... And the lesson plans the teacher left me weren't that helpful.
But I did the best that I could and that was it!

Originally, Michelle and I thought we were leaving at two from work, that we would be home by three and get right on the road to the Hamptons.... but because we worked late we didn't leave until seven.
And because of the change of plans I was supposed to text Giorgia and tell her our change in plans but I never did... thus, she sat outside in Michelle's backyard for a couple of hours and waited for us to get back from work. 
So oops. So not that it was okay but it kinda was because Giorgia had activities to do. Right George??
I'm sure she did some blogging and journaling! 
(Check out her amazing blog Trends and Relations!!!)
 She also made some phone calls and did some coloring... ya know she kept herself entertained. 

But don't worry eventually we got on the road and listened to Michelle's "awesome fire play list." It was a pretty good play list this time, for once...
We stopped on the way out and got some pizza or as Michelle says "za."
We then took a little dip in the burning hot hot tub and waited for the mysterious man to arrive. The mysterious man is Michelle's older sister, Jenny's boyfriend. He is Italian and Jenny and him met while she was studying abroad for the full year in Italy.
After hearing lots of buzz about him, he lived up to the expectations and was very nice. It was kinda fun because Giorgia is also from Italy so they got to bond over their love for Italy.
They talked about the differences in culture and food. And it was really interesting to hear for a bit, and then it just got annoying because everyone could speak and understand the Italian but Marykate and I...

J Crew orange top
Gap high waisted white skinny jeans in tall
Tiffany pearl studs
Jack Rogers Palm Beach white sandals
Michael Kors light brown medium Selma satchel


The next morning we got up bright and early, made my famous crêpe, made sandwiches and headed to the beach!
We spend the full day basking in the sun, swimming in the ocean and playing Kam Jam. 
We showered and then went over to Montauk and went to Inlet Seafood. 

Here's where there is more drama:
So Giorgia and I go into the restaurant to put our names in, and of course I have to do it, and the hostess gives us a pager and tells us the wait time is going to be an hour and a half. We knew it was going to be a wait so we came prepared with snacks. We took our snacks down the road to the beach and watched the sunset. It was gorgeous. The ocean looked stunning and so did the sunset. About 50 min later, after the sun went down and we ate all of our snacks, we walked back over to the restaurant and the hostess said that she buzzed us 45 minutes ago and that they gave our table away.... ummm so that would have been 20 min after we got to the restaurant and not an hour and a half wait.... so that was rude. And then they told us we would have to wait again for another table.
But we know that if we were older and/or with our parents the hostess would have seated us immediately the second time OR they wouldn't have over exaggerated the wait time. They are trying to be smart business people and sit the people with more money and who are legal to drink, thus a bigger check, before some kids that can't buy alcohol at the table. But still, it's rude.

But don't worry we cheered up a bit after dinner when we roasted some s'mores. 
And don't worry Girl Scout E manned the fire and make sure it was safely put out at the end of the night.

My outfit:
J Crew purple racer back maxi dress
American Eagle denim jacket
Tiffany pearl studs
F21 gold cuff
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
ASOS Glamorous straw bag with pom pom detail
J Crew tortoise shell and blue mirrored sunglasses

Giorgia's outfit:
Tie dye wrap maxi dress
Sisley denim jacket
Birkenstock classic shoes
Hermès small gray cross body bag


We had another beach day on Sunday and then I showed off to my two ex-swim team friends how good of a swimmer I was....
I also was given the pleasure of floating on one of the floats in the pool.
But not the swan float, rather the circular float that was less expensive and not really pop-able....
If you remember last year, I may or may not have popped the swan float last year at Michelle's house...
Click HERE to read that blog post. 

We then had a big family dinner, said goodbye to the poochy-Ginger, who unfortunately passed away today, and then packed up and left.
On the way home we stopped in Sag Harbor for ice cream and a bit of an adventure.

Michelle's uncle owns a sailboat.
Him and his other brother have been sailing the boat up and down the East coast for some time now.
So on Sunday, they arrived at Sag Harbor.
It was really convenient for us because Sag Harbor was already on the drive home.
We took a little dingy out to the mooring in the middle of the harbor and hopped on the 45 foot sail boat!
The "water taxi" driver's shift was ending at nine, and when he drove us out to the sail boat it was 8:45, and we begged him to come get us before his shift was over so we wouldn't be stuck on the boat over night...
I was feeling pretty sad Sunday night but the little adventure onto the boat really cheered me up.
It just felt good to be out on the water.
I walked around the boat a bit after taking my shoes off and chatted with the "captains."
And then the dingy boat driver came and picked us up like he promised.

And then we went back to reality!


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