Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stop Rushing

And it all comes down to this: one more day of school.
Tomorrow is the last day of my sophomore year.
(Click HERE to read about my last day of Freshman year.)
I started packing up my adorable room in Davis yesterday and I wanted to cry.
I still want to cry. Happy tears but also sad tears.
This year went by so fast. It is unbelievable.
I had such an amazing year and I never want to leave.
I know that the summer will fly by and then next semester I will be in Dijon, France and I know that will fly by.
And then I’ll be back at Wake as a second semester junior.
And then senior year…
I can’t wrap my head around how fast life is moving.

But before I can think about the future I want to try to continue to live in the present.
I am always trying to rush to get to the end of the school year, so I can be done with tests and papers and stress but then when I get to this point I am always so sad that I have to leave my favorite place and that the year went by too fast.

I really need to not look forward to the end of the things but look forward to each day and try to slow each day down, so I won’t feel like I sped through life.
I need to embrace each day left at Wake this year and for every day in the future because before I know it, I will be a real adult with real responsibilities and a real family and a real job and a real mortgage.

Slowing down starts right now. Right as I finish the semester and have a week and a half of finals.
I am going to embrace all the sunshine, pollen, rain (if it happens), books, friends and professors that I can before I depart for seven months.
 I am going to force myself to slow down and enjoy all of the embraces at Wake for the next week and a half.
I am going to embrace everything and then hold on to it for forever.

J Crew pink eyelet shirt
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