Monday, May 14, 2018

Sophomore Year Round Up

Sophomore year is over!
I am now a junior and now on my way to France!

It just hit me while I was unpacking that I won’t be back at Wake for a very long time.
While I was also unpacking, after our 12-hour adventure from North Carolina to New York,
I was thinking about my year and didn’t know what to write.

I had forgotten about all the great things I did this year and I was just focused on the bad things; like three people dying on campus and that I should’ve gotten stitches in my hand, but then I looked back through all my pictures or the year and I went “duhhh” I had an amazing year!

This year started off a bit rough, as did last year. I got dumped literally the first week of school and tried to distract myself by burying myself in my work and volunteering for everything. I was so busy that I was anxious about not getting all of my work done, let alone answering my emails.
But I have to say, that was the worst part of my year.

I made so many amazing friends this year!

I lived in the cutest room on the KD halls! I learned I love living with my friends, but I love having a single! I love being able to go to bed at whatever time I wanted without disturbing anyone. Click HERE to see my room!

I went to Presidents ball this year and danced the night away in an adorable dress! Click HERE to read that blog post.

I was date function chair this year. 
It was really a tough position, but I learned how talented I am as a leader and a planner.
You can read more about my date functions HERE.

I went to Charleston for fall break, pretty much a dream come true!
Click HERE to read that blog post.

I took a self-defense class this year, so watch out I’m even more of a bad ass than I already was!

My parents visited me for family weekend and we had a great football season!

Click HERE to read that blog post.

It is honestly the best position on campus. I love getting to brag about Wake every Friday on my tours! Click HERE to read about tour guide E!

This year I got a little!!!! I am so blessed that my little is one of my best friends. She is so sweet and funny and one of my biggest supporters in life. Click HERE to meet her.

I went to SPAIN for spring break with concert choir! Click HERE.

I went to Kentucky for the first time to visit my brother for Easter. Click HERE.

I went to Shag on the Mag and danced the night away with Joe! Click HERE.

I planned formal all by myself and it was a HUGE success! Click HERE.

And then I moved out and finished my Sophomore year!

Academically and socially I had a wonderful school year.
Professionally, I worked with some great companies this school year including: The Reynolda Museum, Zaful, Kahootie Co,, and JORD wood watches.
I have some more exciting projects in the works!

Sophomore year was one for the books.
It went by extremely fast and I cannot wrap my head around the idea that I won’t be back at Wake for seven months.
I am a little heart broken by it, because I love Wake so much.
I already miss school and all of my friends.
I can’t wait to be back after I galivant across Europe for a semester!
But until then, get ready for some summer travel blog posts, some cool collaborations and some fun this summer!!


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