Friday, May 25, 2018

Spilling the Tea on College Boys

The perfect topic to discuss over tea with friends: BOYS!

Michelle, Justine, MaryKate and I went to Royal Tea House in Great Neck, New York for a nice catch up on our lives and of course, discussion of the boys in our lives!

When I first started my blog, I was a senior in high school and I used to share a lot of details about my personal life, especially about boys. I think I am excused because I was in my first ever relationship and I was so excited that I wanted to share the news with everyone! I quickly realized that no one really cares that much about my life and that it is really no one’s business…

I know I talk a lot about college, but I have never fully discussed college boys in general.
I usually keep my adventurous and juicy boy stories to myself and to close friends, and not for the entertainment of the internet.
But I thought I would give a nice overview of what some college boys are like just for the entertainment and for the educational purpose of anyone going into college or for anyone that just wants a good laugh.

Wake is a party school with fraternities and sororities. With the title of party school comes the title of party boys and girls.
I’m talking about one-night stands.
You meet at a party and go home together. It is kind of a regular occurrence.
But if you don’t want to go home with anyone you don’t have to. You can always say no, and your friends are always there to help block you from getting an unwanted friend in your bed.
So, going home with a boy is usually just a fling, you spend the night and say “see ya later.”
Occasionally, I have seen one-night stands turn into actual relationships, but it is rare.
Sometimes you meet a guy at a party, exchange phone numbers and it turns into something.
And then sometimes you can meet someone, and they ghost you- you never hear from them again.
It happens.

Boys (sometimes) suck but that’s why I never really went after anyone and I just kind of avoided all boy’s freshman year. I was getting over a breakup and a broken heart. I finally was able to move on and have some fun at the end of freshman year. I was able to mingle, and flirt and it was so much fun! Fortunately, I did not get hurt by any boys from frat basements that I met! I actually met a lot of people in frat basements that became really good friends!

I know I have touched briefly on the jerky boys, but let me tell you, that there are such things as NICE BOYS!!
They are few and far between, but there are nice ones, I promise!
Last spring, I dated a real gentleman. I was not really interested at first, but then he pursed me, and he took me out on a date, and then we started dating!
He always opened the door for me and was just a really nice guy.
Things didn’t work out, it happens, but our relationship is living proof and hope for all girls in college that there are nice guys!

This past year, I also met a lot of really nice guys, who walked me home at night and became really good friends of mine!

There are such things as nice boys, they do finish last and I’m still waiting to find my nice boy, but at the moment I am currently very content not having a boy, because I don't need one!!!

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