Sunday, August 20, 2017

Working Gals

Where have I been?

Hmm let me think- spinning at Soul Cycle, eating out with friends, shopping online, answering emails and working!

Friday was my last day at work!
In case you missed my first blog post about my job, you can read a little bit about my job HERE.
I started my first "real" job a little over six and a half weeks ago and on Friday I finished it!
I learned so much about myself and about the working world during that short span of time.

My job was a really great experience. 
It was a full-time, 9-5 job.
It taught me about commuting, responsibility, time management, and more about how to be an adult.

I learned all about commuting!
I took the train everyday twice a day (well technically more) to get to and from work.
I don't know if I ever really discussed my commute, but it wasn't fun...
I now understand why my dad and all my other family members that take the train everyday find it exhausting.
The trains were rarely on time and I found it so annoying.

Michelle and I actually took four trains a day.
Everyday, coming and going we had to transfer trains.
On the way home it was the worst, because it was a twenty minute layover between trains.
I would complain everyday and Michelle would just tell me that complaining wouldn't make the twenty minutes go faster...
Towards the end of the summer, I finally got used to it and got over it.

I continued to learn how to be responsible.
I knew I had to wake up at a certain time to get dressed and ready to be on time for the train.
It sounds silly and it's not something we think about on a day to day basis, but my job was like college- mom isn't there waking you up every morning and making you breakfast.
(Except my mom made me lunch everyday for work :) ).

Throughout my job I continued to learn how to be an adult.
My job was just an extension of all the "adulting" lessons I am receiving in college.

I learned how to manage my time well.
I knew over the summer I wanted to keep up my French studies.
It is very hard to not speak, read or listen to the French language for months and then jump right back into it.
So once I started working I decided I would be proactive and read in French or do something French related.
So I found French podcasts on Apple Podcasts and I made it a habit to listen to them every morning for 10 minutes or so when I was getting ready for work!
I think it was a really good use of my time.
Another good use of my time was when I was on the train(s), I would write my blog posts!
While I was going to work or on the way home from work I would write down some notes on my phone in the "notes" section and then all I would have to do when I got home was "copy and paste" it into blogger!

I continued to learn how to work well with others at this job.
For once in my life I was a minority.
All of my coworkers were of Korean descent except Michelle and I.
And it was a bit odd at first, not going to lie.
Everyone was pretty nice from the start, but it was a bit strange that Michelle and I were the only ones who were caucasian.
I remember on the first day of work there was actually some reverse racism, and it really threw me off...
On the first day one of my coworkers asked me how I got the job.
And I thought that question was a bit rude and a little off putting.
It seemed as though he was looking down at me because I was caucasian and not asian...
I told him how I got the job and then I asked him the same question, and that was the end of that.

After that, our coworkers warmed up to us and we all got along very well!
There was only a bit of drama.
My one coworker, the same coworker who asked how I got the job, was yet again really rude in the beginning.
He yelled at Michelle and I for making a mistake while we where photocopying. We apologized and fixed it. But he made a really big deal in front of all of our coworkers and our boss of the little mistake for no reason.
 On the same day he made a mistake so I called him out on it. I quoted Hannah Montana's "Nobody's Perfect" lines and made a joke out of it. 
He then thought he was kind of the "king" of the school and would boss all of us "newbies" around, so I shut that down too.
I stood up for Michelle and I and told him to relax, we weren't doing anything wrong.

I learned how to speak up for myself and I also learned to not be afraid of my bosses.
Every time I had to leave early from work for this doctors appointment or that one, I would always be nervous to tell my boss, but I explained the situation and it was always fine.
Michelle and I also had a problem with our paychecks. There was a slight discrepancy, so we went up to our boss and told her the problem and she fixed it right away.

I now kinda understand how my parents and any of my friends parents don't have time for anything like a social life, let alone time to go to the gym.
I get it now!
I had such a hard time balancing my social life and work.
I was so exhausted after work that all I would want to do was eat dinner and then go to bed, literally at 9pm.
And it was so hard to meet up with friends outside of work.

I kinda make a joke about this next "life lesson" I learned but it kinda isn't a joke at all.
I have to say I became aware and more knowledgable of another culture.
I became more "cultured," as one would say.
Once a week Michelle and I would go out to lunch.
We forced ourselves to go out of our comfort zones and instead of getting a sandwich or a salad each time, we would go with our coworkers and try some "authentic" Korean or Chinese food.
One week we had dumplings and scallion pancakes, another week Korean fried chicken and another week noodles.
So as much as I joke about becoming more "cultured" from this job, it's not really a joke at all.
I learned a bit about the food, a bit about the culture and a bit about the language, specifically how to say "hello" and "strawberry" in Korean.

I've learned a lot.
I'm so grateful for this job because it was a learning opportunity that I got to do with my best friend. 
I am continuing to grow into adulthood each and everyday.
And I will continue to do so when I head back to college in less than a week!!! :)

Now what I'm sure you're all waiting for: my outfit of the day!
This is a typical outfit I wore to work everyday.
Sometimes I would wear white jeans and occasionally I would wear dark wash jeans with a nice shirt.
This day I wore my new periwinkle J Crew dress with my Rocksbox studs!
(You can get your first month free with my code tallandpreppyxoxo at checkout!!)
I now own this dress in pink, periwinkle, stripes and also burgundy (which is on it's way!!)
Michelle also owns it after I highly recommended it!!
It's super comfortable and light weight!
I love it because it can be dressed up and dressed down!
P.S. 15% off at JCREW FACTORY if you are a student or a teacher and it can be paired with other sales!!!

My bag was perfect for work.
I am so glad I bought it and I made it my "work" bag!
It holds a good amount, but it's main purpose is to hold my laptop. 
I did have to carry my large Longchamp Le Pliage with me as well though because I brought lunch everyday except when Michelle and I went out for our "cultural" lunches... lol, and my big lunch bag with my HUGE water bottle wouldn't all fit in the York comfortably.

And look how pretty this wall is!
Michelle and I walked past this wall everyday going to work!
It's on a side of a building right next to the train and for six and a half weeks I had been waiting to take "bps" or blog pics, as Michelle calls it, in front of this wall.
And FINALLY, the last week of work, during lunch, Michelle and I snuck off and took these pictures!
Thanks Mitch :)

J Crew tortoise shell and blue lens sunglasses (similar)


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