Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FDOC- Sophomore Year

Happy sophomore year!!

I remember first day of classes or FDOC last year when I was a little baby freshman and it was so different than this year.
Last year I was soooo nervous, I didn't sleep well the night before and I was so anxious.

This year was different- I woke up and I was excited to go to class and I wasn't nervous at all.
Okay fine I was a little nervous but not compared to last year.
I walked into my first class with confidence and didn't feel confused or afraid like I did a year earlier.

I had such a good day yesterday.
I really enjoyed meeting all my teachers and hearing what I'm going to learn about this year!
Okay, so, I stand corrected, I was a little nervous throughout the day because I had French class at 2pm... It is level 320 and it is strictly a conversation class. I was really nervous because I get very anxious when speaking in French, probably because I am insecure in my ability to speak it well, even though I've been taking French for 8 years now... But it felt nice to walk into class yesterday and see 6 of my classmates from last semesters French class! 
My professor also seems really sweet and nice. It seems like she really wants us to succeed and strengthen our French language skills.
It was a really nice first French class and I'm looking forward to the rest of them.

So okay fine, I was nervous too, but not as nervous as the freshman. I feel so bad. They are walking around campus with their lanyards around their necks and they look so dazed and confused. Poor kids. I hope I didn't look like that last year...

Even last night at a party there were all these freshmen girls with their white chucks. And they were all so cute, I remember when that was me! I looked so clueless at frat parties...
And there were some freshmen boys who looked even more clueless.... 
One boy came up to Emily, Caroline and I and asked us our names and where we were living on campus. After he realized that we were living in upperclassman dorms he literally ran the other way.
Very funny but quite sad.

I wish the best of luck to everyone but especially the freshmen! Freshman year first semester was rough for me, but once you get the hang of it it's not bad at all! It only gets better from freshman year, I promise!!

Here's my FDOC outfit from freshman year- pretty much the same outfit, lol. 


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