Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Birthday BBQ

We had a little BBQ on Friday night for my birthday!
I had to work Friday morning so it didn't feel like a normal birthday for me.... I have never had school on my birthday and this is the first time I had to work on that day. 
So it was kind of odd, and I just pretended like it was just an average day!
It was really sweet because my coworkers and boss threw me a surprise party on Thursday with cake, balloons and macaroons and my students wished me a happy birthday on Friday!
It was very cute.

I used to make such a big deal about my birthday when in actuality it doesn't matter, it is one day, and the whole world doesn't stop because it's your birthday. Maybe people are a little nicer to you, but besides that no one really cares... and I kinda finally accepted that this year. 
I realized that 19 is just as big as a birthday as 45 and age is just a number.
It doesn't really matter.
Birthday's aren't exciting anymore once you start getting old....

On a happier note, my family did care that it was my birthday and celebrated with my after work!
My immediate family was there, as was another part of my family, my sorority family that is, my BIG Sydney came to celebrate my birthday!
She was my plus one for the night!! 
She was a pretty good badminton partner as well! 
It was great to see her and it was great for her to meet my family- my blood family that is!

I ate soooo much food both Thursday and Friday leading up to my birthday and on my birthday! 
We had two cakes for Friday night, because one really wasn't enough!
I picked out a yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting and Peter picked out an ice cream cake.

You can see what I got from my parents on my bday on my Instagram

My birthday outfit:
J Crew off the shoulder blue and white stripped top (similar)
Gap high waisted tall white skinny jeans


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