Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Teacher E

Monday at work was a very exciting day.
My nephew and niece started taking classes at my school on Monday!

thought it was going to be so much fun, until there was some drama...
Right after the first class my nephew was already being annoying and my niece already shed some tears because she wanted the Oreos in the vending machine and my nephew said no.
Jack was very funny all day and we were goofing off a bit. And then it became a bit to much because he would make my classes crazy and then no one would listen to me. 
Some kids even thought my nephew and I were dating... I explained to them, no, he's my nephew and he's three years younger than me. Then the children would ask why he is taller when then I would reply it's fine, boys are supposed to be taller, I have been taller than him my whole life up until this point....

Jack and Ava were really making me laugh all day, but not as hard as one of my coworkers as Michelle and I were leaving work.
As we were walking out the door, our coworker said, "Bye Elizabelle!" 
We all laughed and he explained that that is our "ship"/couple name.
It's a combination of Elisabeth and Michelle. 

Our coworkers probably think Michelle and I are crazy and that we copy each other with how we dress or how we act, but we really don't. We are just best friends that are very similar in many ways including in outfit choices. We are just on the same wave length! We can't help it! For example, yesterday Michelle and I both wore white shirts with skirts and brown shoes and we didn't even plan it... so our coworkers probably think we're crazy because we dress the same, we commute together and spend time outside work together. 

Also Michelle and I have nicknames for each other that no one else is allowed to call us by. She is Mitch to me and me only and I am Liz to her and her only. 
We have called each other these nicknames for years now. 
I don't remember which day of work it was, because all these days are getting blurred together, but one of our coworkers tried to call me Liz and call Michelle, Mitch. And we put our foot down very quickly on that one.

My coworkers and my kids just call me Elisabeth.
I thought it would be weird for them to call me Miss G or Miss Elisabeth.
But it's okay that the kids don't call me a "teacher name" because they know I am some kind of authority figure because of how I dress.
Michelle and I dress very nicely to work everyday.
We wear business causal outfits. We wear dresses, skirts, white jeans or colored pants.

On Monday I felt especially like a teacher in this dress.
It's not a bad thing, I think I would make a cute teacher.
I think it is a perfect teacher dress because it's dressy but not too dressy at the same time.
I honestly think this whole outfit is perfect for a teacher, shoes and jewelry included!
I wore a very simple pair of studded earrings from Kate Spade that I got from my monthly Rocksbox subscription!
They have such cute jewelry that is appropriate for all kind of work environments as well as just for casual events. 
You can get one month free of Rocksbox if you use the code tallandpreppyxoxo at checkout!!
It's such a cool company and you can't go wrong with one month free of unlimited jewelry!!!

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