Thursday, July 6, 2017

First Day of Work!!

Yesterday was my first day of work!
I've never had a real "real" job.
I have never had a desk job or something where my job is put "on the books."
I have always worked "off the books."
During high school I babysat and tutored. 
I am not trying to play down that as real work but yesterday I started my first, something I consider, real job!

I am working at a summer school as a proctor/teacher assistant in Queens!
I get to grade papers, proctor students and really get to know "my kids"! 
I have about 36 kids that are going into 8th grade that I am in charge of.
It's great they already know my name, I don't know theirs, but it's fine, whatever my name is more important.... just kidding!

Most of the kids seem really sweet and some of them are definitely "problem children" and I can already tell....
But I kinda get it! It's summer school! Who wants to be in class over the summer where they have homework and studying and their friends are outside playing or at the beach or just sitting on the couch!
So I get it, but so far the kids are really sweet and really want to be there to learn!
It was a long first day! It was a bit overwhelming but I think I am mastering it!
It was less overwhelming because I am fortunate enough to be working with my best friend, Michelle!

Since I'm teacher E now I get to dress like a teacher!
So much better than summer camp! I'm not sweaty nor wearing shorts and a t-shirt!

Tory Burch nude Sedgwick ballet flats 


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