Monday, July 17, 2017

Eating my way through Massachusetts

This past weekend I went to Massachusetts to visit Caroline and Emily!!

The trip was great, but it definitely had a very rough start...
It started with me flying to Boston.
Or attempting to fly, I should say...

If you know me, you know I like luxury and that I don't like to waste time.
I thought I would be better off flying to Boston than driving or taking the train.
I think I was wrong. 
I calculated all the prices and what not, and figured out it would be cheaper for me to fly than to take the train. And I wasn't going to drive by myself.
So I booked a 2 pm shuttle flight on American on Friday and because of "bad weather" and other reasons we didn't take off until 6 pm...

For about an hour I thought they were going to cancel my flight. They canceled the 1 pm shuttle flight and I was afraid mine would be next because all the planes were grounded in Boston. I called my parents and spoke to my friends and tried to figure out what to do. I thought about taking an Uber to Penn Station on 34th street and then taking Amtrak. But then I would be out $600... Sooo, that was going to be my last option.

While I was stuck at LaGuardia airport I befriended some ladies sitting across from me at the gate and we all commiserated together. 
We were all pretty much in the same boat except they were trying to get home and I was just going away for a fun weekend. 

Then this guy sat down and told us he works at air traffic control at Logan International Airport in Boston. So he made some phone calls and figured out that my flight took off from Boston and was on it's way to NY. But before that we all made a plan to rent a car and drive to Logan. And don't worry, I know that sounds sketchy, but he was a dad, and there was a grandma, a pregnant lady and two other 20 year olds and me that would be going on that crazy adventure if it was to happen. And he said it would be a company rental car because he worked for the airport. So we were all in on the plan!
 And then my flight didn't get canceled, thankfully!

It was so nice that strangers were all so friendly and willing to help each other out in a bad situation. It really made me happy. 

I was keeping Emily and Caroline updated the whole time about my flight status and what not, because Caroline was waiting for me at the airport...
So I texted them that I was boarding and that I would be at Logan within the hour...

But I spoke too soon... We boarded the plane, went out to the runway, lined up behind 20 planes and then was told by the captain that we needed a new crew because their time they were allowed to fly ran out so we had to return to the gate.

So we returned to the gate, they said the flight would take off at 5:45, that was a lie... 
We had to wait to get another crew...

Thankfully there was actually an extra crew on our flight that was going to Boston, and they flew us safely to Boston. 

We took off at 6:20 pm and we landed a little before 7.

That was the longest 37 minute plane ride I ever took....
So much for me being so clever and buying a plane ticket instead of a bus or train ticket...

So besides all the drama, I wasn't going to let the travel nonsense screw up my weekend!!

I speedily exited the plane and Ubered my way over to Blue on Highland where I was reunited with Em and Caro!
We were so annoying as usual and all ordered the same food: salmon with risotto.
And then of course we all took photos of our food and posted them all over our Snapchats and Insta stories! (Go follow me if you haven't already for all my travel adventures! @tallandpreppy)

After dinner we drove to Emily's house. We saw her parents, ate some brownies and literally went to bed at 11 pm.
We needed a good night sleep for the very exciting day we had on Saturday!!

As you can see from all over my Snapchat and Instagram, we went to the Red Sox v. Yankees baseball game!!

 Emily told us she got last minute tickets on Thursday and ever since then I was so excited! I love any kind of sporting event and I knew that the Yankees v. Red Sox game was going to be a crazy one!! 
It was such a good game!
They played 16 innings!!!
And the Yankees won!!!

The song "Sweet Caroline" came on during the 7th inning stretch so I started jumping up and down, swaying my arms, because I love that song and it is a bit of a throwback to Shag on the Mag, "Because down here you are a Carolina girl!"... That's a whole other story for a whole other night,
and I was minding my own business, dancing like an idiot and all of a sudden the people in the row behind us started tapping us on the shoulders letting us know we were on the jumbotron!!
It was so cool and such a fun experience!!

Not that I am a Yankees fan but I am a New York fan of any sport so I was proud to be cheering on the Yankees even though I was wearing red for the Sox. I really thought about wearing Yankees gear but my hosts/tour guides Em and Caro are Bostonians and I thought it would have been rude to wear blue and white / I also didn't want to get beat up or get anything thrown at me by any of the crazy drunk Red Sox fans...

I was also told about the famous Fenway Franks- aka a hot dog from Fenway park. My friends told me that I would have to have one at the game for the full Fenway experience.... so I got a dog, and about 3 over priced water bottles and enjoyed the game even though the heat and couple of rain drops!

We left at the end of the 10th inning because the game was still tied and went on for hours after wards.
It was a great game though and I am so glad I got to go!

The excitement didn't stop there!!
We then drove through Boston to Caroline's house on the coast in Mass.
We met her pets, got some ice cream and toured her town.

Again we woke up early on Sunday for a fun full day of adventures. 
We had delicious bagels from Bagel World. I had a french toast bagel.... never heard of that combo before. But it was so good and it tasted like french toast, but don't worry it wasn't as good as a NY bagel.

We then took a quick drive over to Caroline's beach club and basked in the sun all day. We took a walk on the rocky beach, took some pictures, basked in the sun, took a dip during "adult swim" in the pool and then drove to lunch.
 We went to Shubies marketplace in Caro's town for lunch. 
I don't know what in New York to compare it to, but it's pretty much a local food store but also with a lunch place inside the food store. 
Em and I literally had the best sandwich ever: a chicken Cesar sandwich. It was on fresh bread and it was utterly amazing.
I would eat it again in a heart beat.

Emily hit the road and then Caroline and I went back to the pool to meet up with her family. We all sat on the beach together, I got to talk their ears off and it was a good time!

Shortly after that,  Caroline and her sister drove me to the airport and I made it back home in an hour, like normal, because it is only a 37 minute flight....

You will have to follow my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) to see all of the delicious food I devoured this past weekend, and to see how much weight I gained... lol
All the food I consumed this weekend is bad, but also so good because Em, Caro and I LOVEEEE going out to eat!!
So we really took advantage of all of the good food spots in Mass and I have to go back and get a real good Lobster Roll!!

My Boston Red Sox outfit:
J Crew ruffle tank top
J Crew 3 inch navy blue chino shorts
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
J Crew blue mirrored sunnies
Tiffany pearl studs


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