Monday, May 29, 2017

Toku and Tinder

Reunited yet again!
And now I have officially seen all of my best friends from high school!
The last time I saw Sophia (aka Soap, Bubbles or Soap'n Bubbles) was in January when she flew down to North Carolina and visited me at Wake! 
Click HERE to see that blog post!
So we had a LOT to catch up on!
We caught up over our fav- SUSHI, I haven't had sushi since I have been home because I was waiting to break my sushi hiatus with Soap.
We split some edamame and then had some spicy tuna, eel and salmon rolls at Toku.

And the fun wasn't over because we then went to her house and met her NEW PUPPY!!!
He is an 8 week old German Shepard and he is adorable. 
He had this one really floppy ear! Ah to die for!
I then caught up with her mom for a bit as well and then we made it up stairs to play around with Tinder....
I don't want to brag or anything but if I was single I would probably be pretty fun to chat to on Tinder....
Just saying.
It's very funny how the roles have reversed.
I was always going to Sophia for boy advice since I've known her, so since we were like 11 and now I think she should honestly go to me for boy assistance... or my boyfriend, who we bothered like 3x over FaceTime! (Oops! Sorry!)

We shared lots of laughs and I can't wait to have sushi again when we both get back from traveling! ;)

Ah and I know, it's the same spot I JUST TOOK BLOG PICS IN!
I'm sorry!!
But it's just where we were!
I apologize, I know it's a bit boring to look at the same background again, but my outfit is different! 
So that's a plus!
Peter thinks I was a bit overdressed for Toku (and he's never been to Toku... sooo) but Soap and I disagree.
I think it was a very appropriate outfit for a very trendy dinner place.
Toku is definitely a restaurant you go to in a very trendy outfit for people to see you!
The sushi is good but not the best.
Don't worry, Soap and I will visit our fav sushi place when we both get back!
And Bubbles made my life SOO easy, (in regards to the blog) because her whole outfit is from ZARA!
Thanks Bubbles!
She convinced me to wear the heels with this outfit!
Normally, I would just settle for my Jack Rogers or some kind of flat.
And trust me, I embrace my height! 
I love it and I love wearing heels.
But Toku is a restaurant where you normally see a lot of people you know from town so I would normally just keep it a little safe with my shoe choice.
But Sophia convinced me to break out my 4 inch sexy shoes for dinner!
Not the most comfortable shoe, but cheap and very sexy!
I wore them to my sorority formal! Click HERE to see those photos!

Sophia's outfit:
Zara black tweed jacket (similar)
Zara brown and studded wedged espadrilles (similar)

My outfit:
H&M pink off the shoulder top (similar)


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