Friday, May 19, 2017

Becco and Cat Calling

Reunited and it feels so good!
Back with my babes and I couldn’t be happier!

Georgia, Michelle and I went out for our annual end of the school year celebration in NYC.
And it wouldn’t be tradition unless Michelle almost made us miss the train, AGAIN!

This year was the earliest we have ever done it, because we normally don’t finish school until the end of June. But colleges get out in May… 
We went to one of our favorite restaurants- Becco in the theater district and ate WAYYYYY too much pizza and bread.
I was justifying it, however, because I was doing soul cycle at 8:30 am the next day with my sister…

I like to think that I follow after my dad and try to be a comedian….
The waiter at dinner asked us if we would like drinks, we declined and just opted for water because we are underage. So I made the joke, oh did you really think we were older? And the waiter got so defense and answered so aggressively, and said well I would have had to check ID’s anyway darling…. I was just trying to make a joke… So that was awkward. But it was fine. And I think he felt bad about his response because after that he was joking around with us and he gave us free desert. 
And I think he even put a heart on the reciept… that is still to be determined however.

The food baby was real last night. And men on the street certainly didn’t seem to mind my food baby or Giorgia’s… 
We walked to Becco and while on the way, we started to keep track of all the cat calls… Unfortunately, we lost track….. That’s how many there were…It’s disgusting.
Men are gross. Not all men, but the ones on the city streets are.
There was also a lot of commotion in the city last night because a man had lost control of his car in Times Square and it went up onto a cement barricade…
So Times Square was shut down and there was a lot of commotion.
After the slightly crazy night, I was glad to go home to Long Island, aka the bubble.

It was so nice to be reunited with my baby geese. I love them so much. And it just shows you how great friends they are, because after 4 months of not seeing them or talking too much, we were able to pick up right where we left off and act like the annoying best friends that we have always been. <3

My outfit:
Dress: Zara denim off the shoulder dress
Shoes: Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
Bag: Michael Kors medium Selma bag in light brown
Earrings: no idea (I think DSW from a longggg time ago)
Bracelet: Hermès clic clack H pink and gold bangle
Sunglasses: Ray Ban pink mirrored aviators

Giorgia's outfit:
Dress: BDG red and white stripped t-shirt dress from Urban
Shoes: Converse white low top sneakers
Bag: Hermès gray small cross body bag
Earrings: Tobi gold hoops
Sunglasses: Quay clear mirrored sunnies

Michelle's outfit:
Dress: Stole from her sister's closet
Shoes: Steve Madden brown sandals
Bag: Coach light pink cross body bag
Earrings: Kate Spade pearl ear jacket studs
Bracelets: assorted

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