Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mom's Birthday 2017

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday!!!
So exciting!
It was perfect that she went to work yesterday because I was able to finish buying all of her presents.
Thank God my brother and dad have me to do all the dirty work because without me they would both be so LOST.
Like I bought my mom pjs yesterday at Lord and Taylor that my mom never said she really wanted but I knew it would be something cute for her for her birthday. My brother and dad would have never thought of something like that… just saying. Or what about the chocolates that I threw in with the rest of her presents.
And I had to do all the wrapping….
After my mom got home from work we waited for my dad and then he took us out to Cafe Continental, which is a very nice Italian restaurant close to my house.
We got all dressed up and the waiter and the owner of the restaurant thought we were celebrities.
No joke!
Well, you know, I am kind of a celebrity- Girl Scout cookie box model over here…
But the waiter was so funny and kept patting my brother on the shoulder. And asking what sport he played, like he was some kind of professional athlete…..And the owner kept coming over to talk to us and asking us how we were, like we knew them personally… which we don’t.
And they hugged us all goodbye after they brought around a round of drinks and cake for my mom and dad, because my dad’s birthday is on Sunday!
It was crazy and we felt like celebrities.
When we left the restaurant we all died of laughter because the restaurant literally thought my brother was some kind of famous athlete or something, idk….
My mom thought the owners thought we were some famous family because we were all dressed so nicely! Which is very possible. 
But regardless it was just a very funny night. 

Speaking of funny stories, I have a funny story about my very chic outfit from last night.
I never bought this shirt, nor was it gifted to me.
This shirt  has been in my closet for the past like 6 years after I took it at a "Clothing Swap party" my friends and I had in middle school.
I have only worn it once besides last night! And it was in Paris for dinner one night.
I wore the shirt with the big bow, white jeans, a denim jacket and wedges.
I remember this outfit very distinctly because this shirt is definitely a statement piece.
I remember being very self conscious to wear it but it is so chic, I really shouldn't have!
But fun fact- back in the day, especially in my earlier years of middle and high school I was very self conscious about how I dressed and didn't have a lot of confidence in what I wore.
I'm gonna be honest, this shirt requires a good amount of confidence.
I don't think anyone can just wear a shirt like this!
It is a shirt with a lot of personality and I think you definitely need a big personality of your own to wear this shirt.
I am so glad I wore this shirt last night and had the confidence to wear it!

Shirt: Juicy Couture blue and white tie neck top
Bracelet: Hermès light pink and gold clic-clack H bangle


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