Monday, May 15, 2017

Ava and Lucas' Communion 2017

And the family is all back together again!

My niece and nephew, Ava and Lucas had their first holy communions on Saturday and our family came from far and wide to celebrate!

For the first time, in what seems like forever, we were able to get all 5 of my siblings and I together in the same room and in the same photo!
So not only was it a celebration of the two cousins receiving their communion but also it was a bit of a family reunion.

It was the first time I saw a lot of my cousins and aunts and uncles since I had been away at college!
Good thing I got a facial, and my hair cut and nails done! lol
Saturday, was the first day I wore makeup since I have been home... Oops!
But my skin needed a break, and if I am just sitting at home doing nothing, it's not really necessary for me to wear pounds and pounds of makeup...
I even did my mom's makeup for the festivities!

It was really nice to see everyone and the party was wonderful. 

After a very long church ceremony, we went over to this really good restaurant, Gatsby's Landing in Roslyn, NY for a celebration. 
I remember my communion very well, and we did it in the backyard. Thank God my sister and brother didn't plan it for one of their backyards, because it POURED all day!
It was gross out!

The party was so fun!
If you saw on my insta story, @tallandpreppy, I posted some pictures of the delicious food and my gorgeous fam! 

I love how if there is good lighting my phone takes really great photos, but I am really thinking about getting a good quality camera. I have a Canon powershot right now and I love the photos it takes, but it doesn't take the pictures as fast as I would like.
So if you have any camera recommendations let me know! Maybe, it will be my 19th birthday present to myself!!

I'm pulling a "Kate Middleton," as I like to say!
I have worn this dress many times to many different occasions.
I am not one to wear a pretty dress once and call it a day...
no no
If Kate Middleton can wear her fancy dresses more than once, so can I!
I wore this dress to my National Honor Society Brunch and my Theater Brunch one year. 

Dress: ASOS light pink and blue floral pencil dress 
Shoes: BCBG 4 inch nude platform pumps
Earrings: large faux pearls
Bracelet: Hermès pink clic-clack H bracelet


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