Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentine's Day Special: Q/A with my Boyfriend

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Alex and my 5th Valentine’s Day together (WILD), I am sharing a Q/A with questions asked by you on my Instagram stories

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1. How’d you meet?

Elizabeth: Freshman year in French class at Wake Forest. But we didn’t start dating until we studied abroad together in France in the fall of 2018.

Alex: French Class at Wake! But we started dating in 2018 when we were studying abroad in France.


2. What were your first impressions of the other person?

E: I thought he was really cute. We sat near each other in class. I always had a crush on him.

A: I always thought she was beautiful, but I thought she was a tad obnoxious when we first met.


3. What’s your favorite thing to do together?

E: Go on adventures and explore New York or travel to new places together. Also going out to dinner is my love language. 

A: Trying new restaurants in NYC or sitting on the couch relaxing and watching TV together.


4. What’s your favorite thing about the other person?

E: Alex is a really great listener, and I am a really great talker (hehe), so I love that he really listens to me. 

A: Elizabeth makes it really easy for me to be 100% myself around her. I love that we can both dance, make stupid jokes and be goofy around each other.


5. Least favorite thing about the other person?

E: Alex tends to be forgetful, which drives me a little nutty. 

A: Sometimes Elizabeth can have a short temper when she is stressed out.


6. Does Alex have single friends?

E: Ha, yes.

A: Yes, many!


7. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

E: Me, duh! Honestly, I think we are really good partners and split relationship responsibilities pretty evenly. 

A: I would say we each wear one leg of said “pants.” We both have different strengths that complement each other. Overall, we make a great team. 


8. Advice for a long-term relationship?

E: Honesty and speaking what’s on your mind. No secrets! Also figure out how best to communicate and what your love languages are.

A: Communication! It’s important to talk through good times and especially bad times. This ensures both partners are on the same page, even if it means you have to compromise/make sacrifices to find common ground.


9. What’s the biggest difference between dating in college and as an adult?

E: In college you have less responsibilities and more free time, so we spent a ton of time together every day. As “adults” we are way busier. I use quotation marks because I don’t really feel like an adult. I still live at home and am a full-time student. So, I only see Alex on the weekends, which is kind of sad. 

A: As adults, we spend much less time together. I work full time and E is a full-time law student with many extracurriculars and internships so naturally we have to really take advantage of the weekend to spend quality time together. In college, we had time to see each other almost every day.


10. Are you a Type A person or Type B?

E: I am completely a Type A person. Are you surprised?

B: Type B, I like to go with the flow, as they say.


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