Monday, February 14, 2022

Love Languages

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have always loved Valentine’s Day whether I was in a relationship or not. I think it is a fun day to dress up in pink and red and celebrate L O V E ! Whether that be the love of your family, friends, pet, significant other, etc. 

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I want to talk about Love Languages today. You can take a free test HERE (not sponsored) to determine your love languages. This is the test I took when a friend told me about them in college.

A quick summary: supposedly everyone has several ways they feel loved, and those are your “love languages.”

Based on the test mine are: quality time and physical touch. These don’t surprise me at all because I absolutely love planning dinners and parties with friends and loved ones, but I am also a very touchy, feely person, even if my RBF says otherwise.

love languages, valentine's day, midi skirt, velvet skirt, puff sleeve, red sweater, red and pink, pom pom shoes

My boyfriend and I took this quiz early on when we were dating because we were curious about how we each feel love. I have to say his love languages were also really accurate to his personality and character.

It is a fun test to take with your partner or friends to see how you feel loved and how you give love. I think it helped with Alex and my communication and helped us get to understand each other better. 

I thought this was a fun thing to share on Valentine’s Day. I would love to know your love languages. Tell me below!

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