Monday, February 6, 2023

Cold Winter Day Activities in NYC: A list of my Favorite NYC Museums

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Well, this isn’t going to be a surprise to anyone but when it’s -7 degrees with the wind chill, you want to spend as much time inside as possible.

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On Saturday, Michelle, Giorgia and I reunited on the Upper West Side at the New York Historical Society. It was Bank of America weekend, so with a Bank of America debit or credit card we got in for free! Definitely check with the museums to see when your bank sponsors a weekend.
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The best part of the museum was on the top floor. The Tiffany exhibit was so cool. The company known for their blue boxes is a New York founded company that started with stained glass, lamps and office supplies before pivoting to what we know and love the brand for now. I thought this was the best part of the museum. I also really enjoyed the New York themed art exhibit. 

I probably won’t be going back anytime soon to this museum, but I’m glad I got to see the Tiffany lamps.

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With a gazillion museums to choose from in NYC, you have no reason to stay at home even when its -7 degrees out.


Some of my favorite museums in NYC:

The Met: No one is surprised by this one. Especially if you can get tickets to the fashion exhibit. On Friday and Saturday nights there is live music at the Met, so I would love to go for date night. This museum is so big you could spend days in it and never get bored. 

MoMA: Starry Starry Night and Monet’s waterlilies are my favorite paintings at this museum. 

The Transit Museum: Alex’s favorite! This is such a cool museum for your non-art lovers. Based in Brooklyn, literally in a subway stop, this museum is great for kids and adults who think transportation is fascinating.

Whitney Museum: Located in Meatpacking, this trendy museum is just that: trendy and unique with modern art.

American Museum of Natural History: A classic! I think this museum of natural history is better than the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in DC. Just saying!

Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty: This counts as a museum! I love learning about US history especially because my family immigrated through Ellis Island! Check out my post about visiting here!


NYC museums I would like to visit: 

The Guggenheim 

The Frick Collection

The Tenement Museum 

The Morgan Library and Museum 

The Intrepid Air and Space Museum 

The Museum of FIT

NYC Fire Museum

Skyscraper Museum

Brooklyn Museum 

National Museum of American Indian 

Museum of the City of New York

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