Friday, November 10, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 58 | Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in NYC, Family Style Dinner, Favorite Salad & Customizable Tote Bag

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1.          Maman chocolate chip cookies- One of the best cookies in NYC is from Levain, but Maman may have topped the cookie charts. Levain is known for their super thick cookies, that feel like a block of bricks. The Maman cookie is less thick, but the same kind of gooeyness. Highly recommend!

2.          Marathon Sunday- The energy on Marathon Sunday is electric and honestly moving. All these people, from all walks of life, can put aside their differences to cheer on complete strangers, is kind of incredible. We went up to mile 15 on 1st Ave and saw the elites and even fellow Deac, Matt James! One of my favorite days in New York.

3.          Ainslie- This is a really fun place for a group dinner! I went to a birthday dinner at the Brooklyn location and loved it. The family style food was perfect for a big group. We had steak, fries, penne pasta, pizza, rice balls, burrata, calamari, Caesar salad, and the list goes on! 

4.          Just Salad with crispy chicken aka chicken nuggets- I always bring my lunch for work from home, so I am going to treat myself and buy lunch every Friday from somewhere new so I can explore the neighborhood around my office. I made a list the other day of all the spots I want to try. My first stop was Just Salad. It’s the same idea as Chopt or Sweet Green, but this one seems to be my favorite so far because they have crispy chicken which literally tastes like chicken nuggets.

5.          Barrington tote bag- I love this bag for work and every day. It’s a slim tote bag, so perfect for a laptop or planner and some notebooks. 

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