Monday, May 2, 2022

Veja White Tennis Shoe Review and my Favorite White Sneakers

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I finally hopped on the white sneaker trend, not even sure if you can even call it a trend anymore, because white tennis shoes are here to stay.

Overall, as a species, white sneakers are the most practical shoe for me when commuting, walking miles in New York City and when it’s raining. My outfit pictured here is how I like to style my white sneakers in the springtime.

Veja white tennis shoes, white sneakers, shoe review, spring outfit, how to style white sneakers

My first pair of white sneakers were from J.Crew. They were Adidas look-alikes and a good price for a leather sneaker (under $50) while I was testing to see if I liked the look of me in sneakers.

My second pair was Adidas Stan Smith. These are so incredibly comfortable because of the extra thick cushioned sole. Perfect for a heavy heel strike (which I am guilty of doing) on the rough concrete sidewalks in the urban jungle. Unfortunately, everyone has a pair of these sneakers, and they are a bit overdone. Stan Smith’s come in many different accent colors (on the heels) and are $100.

My current pair are Veja. Again, super comfortable, but maybe not as comfortable as my Stan Smiths. I do love that they aren’t as popular as the Stan Smiths and I love the pink! I also love that this is a French brand, and they are made in Brazil with recycled materials. Like the Stan Smiths, these also come in lots of different accent colors. They are the priciest of the three at around $150.

white sneakers, white tennis shoes, how to wear white sneakers, how to style white sneakers, spring outfit, white tennis shoes, white leather shoes

All shoes are equally easy to clean.

The best way to clean white leather shoes is with a Magic Eraser. My boyfriend, the man that introduced me to white sneakers, and even bought me my first pair, has become a white sneaker connoisseur over the years. He taught me to throw the laces in the washing machine and wipe down the leather with the Magic Erasers and they turn out looking as good as new. 


What is your favorite brand of white sneakers?

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