Friday, December 15, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 62 | Italian Restaurant, Christmas Tree, Colored Legal Pads, Sarah Flint Boots & More

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 1.          La Pecora Bianca-  This spot is so delicious! You have to get the fried zucchini, burrata and meatballs. I loved the tagliatelle Bolognese. 

2.          Blue legal pad- I picked up some colorful legal pads for work and they have been quite the hit in the office. I honestly didn’t even realize I was writing on a colorful piece of paper, until several people noticed. I think it’s fun to take notes on a pretty colored legal pad, as opposed to white or yellow.

3.          Sarah Flint Perfect Dress Bootie 60 mm- I picked up this $750 heeled bootie for $200 at the Sarah Flint sample sale last week. I grabbed my regular size of 40. Maybe I should’ve sized up, not sure. They’re pretty tight on my toes, but like all good Sarah Flint shoes, they stretch very well over time. I think they need some more breaking in. I think they’re beautiful and nothing like anything else in my collection. Sadly, on the second day of wearing them, I stepped into a crack on the sidewalk and some of the suede on the heel broke off…I was so not amused, but lesson learned, I can’t even wear tiny heels on my commute! Flat sneakers only.

4.          The smell of Christmas trees- Team real tree or fake? We got our tree this past weekend and it makes the house smell amazing. We have always gotten a real tree. The tradition of going to pick out a tree with my family is one of favorite holiday traditions.  

5.          Just Salad reusable container- For a dollar you can buy a Just Salad branded reusable container and then you get a dollar off your salad purchase every time you bring in your container! I think it’s a great deal and you can help save the planet. I bought one and now it sits in my desk drawer, ready for its next use. 


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