Friday, December 15, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 62 | Italian Restaurant, Christmas Tree, Colored Legal Pads, Sarah Flint Boots & More

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 1.          La Pecora Bianca-  This spot is so delicious! You have to get the fried zucchini, burrata and meatballs. I loved the tagliatelle Bolognese. 

2.          Blue legal pad- I picked up some colorful legal pads for work and they have been quite the hit in the office. I honestly didn’t even realize I was writing on a colorful piece of paper, until several people noticed. I think it’s fun to take notes on a pretty colored legal pad, as opposed to white or yellow.

3.          Sarah Flint Perfect Dress Bootie 60 mm- I picked up this $750 heeled bootie for $200 at the Sarah Flint sample sale last week. I grabbed my regular size of 40. Maybe I should’ve sized up, not sure. They’re pretty tight on my toes, but like all good Sarah Flint shoes, they stretch very well over time. I think they need some more breaking in. I think they’re beautiful and nothing like anything else in my collection. Sadly, on the second day of wearing them, I stepped into a crack on the sidewalk and some of the suede on the heel broke off…I was so not amused, but lesson learned, I can’t even wear tiny heels on my commute! Flat sneakers only.

4.          The smell of Christmas trees- Team real tree or fake? We got our tree this past weekend and it makes the house smell amazing. We have always gotten a real tree. The tradition of going to pick out a tree with my family is one of favorite holiday traditions.  

5.          Just Salad reusable container- For a dollar you can buy a Just Salad branded reusable container and then you get a dollar off your salad purchase every time you bring in your container! I think it’s a great deal and you can help save the planet. I bought one and now it sits in my desk drawer, ready for its next use. 



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  2. Transform your Italian restaurant's holiday ambiance with a festive Christmas tree. Utilize vibrant colored legal pads to jot down seasonal specials and ideas. Elevate staff style with Sarah Flint boots. For your restaurant's success, consider refining your menu and promotional materials through USA book publishing services online, ensuring a polished and enticing presentation that resonates with customers during the festive season and beyond.


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