Monday, September 13, 2021

How to Get Paid Blogger Collaborations

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Hey, let’s normalize paying influencers!


I shared in the past how I make money with different revenue streams, but I thought I would share more details about exactly how I make brands pay me, if they don’t offer up money at first.


When brands email me to work together, they either send me a flat rate that they will pay (which rarely happens) or they will tell me what they want me to do for “___ value of gifted product.”

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When the second scenario happens, and brands want you to work for free, this is what I say (or some variation of it):




Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I am very interested in your company [explain why you like/ believe in their company]. What is your budget for this collaboration?


Since I am a small business, I only guarantee content through sponsored partnerships. 

(I don’t always add this part in, sometimes it is a bit harsh and brands run away).


If you are interested in moving forward, please let me know as I would love to discuss ideas and details based on your needs, target audience and budget.


Thank you!



**I am happy to receive new products to try. However, reviews and mentions are not guaranteed in exchange for product. Should you still wish to send out samples or gifted product, please send to the address listed below. Products received: YOUR NAME, ADDRESS 

(I also don’t always keep this part in, because again, it’s harsh).


Nine times out of ten a company will say that they only do gifted collaborations, which is so beyond frustrating, especially after 6 years of doing this. And then it is up to you, if you want to do a free collaboration or not.

3 or 4 time out of ten, a company will say okay, what are your rates, which is really dependent on what you think they should be. I always high ball (I usually say $350 per Instagram photo, $250 for 3 stories, $400 for a reel, $50 per pin on Pinterest) and then a company will either tell you that they are willing to spend ___ on content and they will negotiate with you. But if you high ball them, then you are always getting more money than you thought you were going to get, and the company ends up happier because they think they’re getting a DEAL!


I challenge you (if you are a content creator) to GET PAID! Don’t be afraid to ask to be paid. SAY NO when a brand won’t pay you! I promise, it is not worth your time, effort and your own money.


Hope these tips help!

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