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How I Make Money as a MicroInfluencer

When I say money, I should really say, pocket change, or nickels and dimes.
I consider T&P a part-time job, a low paying part-time job that is, but that’s okay with me!
This was a highly requested post, so I thought I would lay it out for you to show you exactly how I make money as a microinfluencer.

1.          Commissionable links: this is the biggest money maker for me. Any link that I share that is through Reward Style gives me a small commission when someone purchases something from my link at no charge to you.

2.          Paid posts: these are not super common for me, but still a great way to rake in some dough. Usually a company reaches out and says that they will send product and payment to post something on Instagram.

3.          Commission through individual companies: These are rare, but I have a couple of companies that I work with that give my followers a promo code or a link, at no charge to you, actually a discount to you guys, and I make a small commission when someone purchases something from the link or when they use the promo code.

4.          Product/service in exchange for a post: I know this isn’t really income into my bank account, but I count it. This is most of collaborations I do. The amount of money I am sent in clothes and jewelry saves me a lot of money.
For example, these photos were taken by a photographer that didn’t charge me anything, but simply requested to post and tag him in the photos. Also, this dress was gifted to me in exchange for a post.

I hope that explains how I make money. If you have any questions, please let me know!


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