Thursday, February 20, 2020

Big Little Reveal 2020

Last Friday, Valentine’s Day, my little, grand little and I, welcomed a new member to our lineage!
Our lineage dressed up as rockers! And it was so fun!

Lauren, Taylor and I are so in LOVE with Grace!
I introduce my newest lineage member every year, so as per tradition, here is my great grand little:
Name: Grace
Home: Georgia
Major: Philosophy & Communications? 
Dream job: photographer
Dream vacation spot: Santorini, Greece
Favorite Food: lava cakes !!!
Favorite color: it switches but probably light pink!
Favorite animal: dolphins
Favorite outfit: mom jeans and a flowy top and cool sneakers or sandals or a maxi dress!!


  1. I think that it is going to be a wonderful event to think about in the nearest future. Spring is here, and you can please us with new outfits!

  2. You all look so happy on these photos. I guess, sometimes, it is very important to spend such a good time with friends outdoors. Does anybody have any thoughts about it?


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