Monday, February 26, 2018

Meet My Little!!!

My little is OFFICALLY a Kappa Delta now!
We had initiation yesterday and all the new members officially became sisters!
I am so excited for my little to be in my life forever now as my sister!!
I am so happy!

She is a big fan of T&P and I thought I would introduce you to her!

Name: Lauren
Home: Ohio
Major: Pre-Med
Dream job: Pediatric Surgeon
Dream vacay spot: Bora Bora
Fav food: Sushi, coffee and vegan ice cream
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Elephant
Fav outfit: White romper sans shoes on the beach

And here are my answers:
Name: Elisabeth
Home: New York
Major: English and French Studies double major with a minor in Politics and International Affairs
Dream job: (I have it! Being a blogger!!) but I think I am going to have another plan if this one doesn’t work, and that will be to be a lawyer for a French fashion house
Dream vacay spot: Bora Bora (SAME!)
Fav food: PASTA and BREAD
Favorite color: PINK (obviously)
Favorite animal: Cat
Fav outfit: White button down with puffer vest, jeans and my Tory Burch cheetah flats


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