Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Explore Dijon With Me!

These past two days I have been exploring my new home, Dijon France!

We took a tour yesterday around Dijon and got to see all of the highlights of our new little town!

Here is a little virtual tour!

There is Le Brunch in Les Halles which is like a market and buffet lunch.
This is where we went for lunch yesterday.

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There is the Jardin Darcy which is a cute little park with a statue of a polar bear and a fountain.

The park is right across from a little baby Arch de Triomph, la Porte Guillaume.

Notre Dame is one of the cathedrals in town.

The big palace is the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. Who would’ve thought that I would live in a town with a castle?!

For dinner last night our whole group went to our professor’s apartment. It is a beautiful apartment overlooking the city. When I think of a French apartment, that is what I think of!

This morning we had leisure time to have breakfast on our own, do homework (unfortunately) and explore a bit.
We ate lunch at Flunch, a cafeteria by our professor’s apartment.

We went to the bank, visited the Cathedral de Saint Benigne and took a moment to reflect before having a guided tour of the Museum of Archeology.

My fluency in French is definitely improving very quickly. 
When I was at Wake the past semesters and speaking French every day or so, I felt very fluent and like the language came very natural to me, however, since it has been four months since I have spoken French it has been a bit hard to get back into it.
But, we had free time for dinner tonight, so three of my friends and I found a cute restaurant next to la Porte Guillaume and spoke in French for the entire dinner!
I felt so confident speaking French and I know my confidence will only continue to grow.


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