Monday, July 15, 2019

Marco Island Beach Vacation Featuring my NEW ASOS Shorts

I just had the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation.
It has been two years since I went down to my summer house in Marco Island, Florida. After Hurricane Irma in 2017 took a direct hit on Southwest Florida, the tiny white sand beached Island was destroyed.
The apartment that I spent years playing cards and playing with puzzles and with toys was in need of a major overhaul after the front door to the balcony had flown off with the 185mph winds from the hurricane.
For the past two years my parents had flown down many times to meet with the contractors, take apart the unit and then rebuild it.
Two years later and it is finally done, and my little house is back to being my second home.

I always feel so at peace when I am down there. Life is so relaxed, so quiet and stress free. Time slows and you are forced to wear casual clothes, wear your hair natural and sit in a bathing suit all day. Life down there on the small island is so different from life up on the big island of Manhattan or Long Island.

I had the best vacation with my family. I did not study (even though I lugged my LSAT book all the way down with me). I answered emails and worked on some blog collaborations. I chatted with friends. But mostly, I sat on the beach in a bikini with my family catching up on Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Before I flew down, I knew I was going to be wearing shorts for the week. I went through my closet and was not amused by my choices. I stepped back from my closet, sat down at my desk, and realized that my shorts did not excite me anymore because they were tight, uncomfortable and not flattering. I have come to realize that a lot of my clothes are ill fitting, as I discuss more in this blog post.

I figured out that I will not wear clothes that are uncomfortable or not flattering because they sit in my closet. My J.Crew 3-inch chino shorts that I wore all throughout high school and three years of college are no longer my go-to summer staples.
They are super preppy and cute, don’t get me wrong, but being a really tall person, they cut my legs off at a weird spot. They stop right at my inner thigh, a place where I carry my weight.
They are also tight around my butt and are super uncomfortable to sit down in.
I realized the only shorts I do wear in my closet are high waisted and flowy and look more like a skirt than anything else.

J.Crew navy blouse | ASOS orange linen shorts ON SALE | Rocksbox Tess+Tricia seashell earrings | Jack Rogers white sandals

So, after a quick browse on Zara and ASOS, I found the most flattering and comfortable high waisted flowy shorts.
They all make my waist look tiny and flow out, giving me that hour glass look every woman desires.
They make my legs look über long and lean.
The shorts are a bit retro but I kind of love that. They are classic and still preppy, just way more flattering than my chinos.

I am selling my chinos (some literally have only been worn 2x over on my Poshmark account @tallandpreppy). Just because they are not the shorts for me anymore, does not mean they will not be a great addition to your wardrobe. :)


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