Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Empower Your Job Search and Your Adult Life

Anyone else sacred about being an adult?
*Adult= Pay a mortgage, and/or don’t live at home with your parents and/or have a 9-5 job.
Or if you are an adult, are you struggling to create your personal brand and are you looking for a new job?

I just took the BEST online course to help solve all of our problems.

MillenniAlli is a fellow blogger and fellow Long Islander that helped me craft my resume, gave me interview tips and gave me lots of downloadable resources.

This 15-hour online video course also taught me:

·      How to look for a job with a job search outline
·      To look at my personality by taking a personality assessment and figure out what kind of job I would like to have in the future
·      How to identify my hard and soft skills
·     How to create a purpose statement: the what, how and why
·     How to update my resume with examples
·      How to make business cards
·      The importance of a personal website
·     How to create/update my LinkedIn profile
·      How to track job applications
·     How to write a cover letter with examples
·      How to craft a narrative for interviews
·     How to negotiate salaries
·     How to figure out what to wear to an interview

My sister’s office is very causal, so this is the outfit I wore to work the other day.
I am wearing a t-shirt, but I still looked pulled together and professional with this adorable snakeskin skirt from Banana Republic Factory.

These skills are valuable for young college grads, young professionals and working adults who want to change their job and need a little help.

I completely transformed my resume and cover letter writing skills with the help from Alli.
Even though I am not applying to jobs at the moment, I still need a strong resume to apply to law schools.
I feel much more confident in my interview skills as well.
Alli's course was fun and made me want to work on my resume and LinkedIn page.
She also has great downloadable templates and forms that I found really useful.

I would highly recommend checking out Alli and her course to teach you how to be the best job candidate and young professional.


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