Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Last Thanksgiving was hard. I was abroad and I was so far away from my home and my family. I was really sad.
In France, we had a dinner celebration and then spent the weekend in Strasbourg at the Christmas markets.

This year, I was home in New York for Thanksgiving. 
It was a long-awaited time at home. I have been very homesick all semester. It was so nice to be home in my big bed with my family all around me. 
Home will always be home.

I flew home Monday night and then slept all day Tuesday.
Wednesday, I got my nails done and ate some New York pizza with Michelle. Wednesday night, my high school class of 2016 all met up at a local bar in our town. It was so good to see classmates I haven’t seen since high school graduation. Everyone looked so grown up! It was so fun, and we laughed the whole night!

(You can shop this outfit on my page @tallandpreppy!)

Thursday morning, turkey day, I woke up early for my annual tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade!
I curled up on the couch in my pjs, shared my plans for the day with T&P Thursday’s on my Instagram stories and watched the parade.

For breakfast, my twin brother and I headed over to my sister’s house for our annual Thanksgiving day breakfast while my mom and dad prepped my house and the food for the feast!

My siblings, their kids, my grandparents and my aunt arrived at my house at 2 pm to start the festivities.

We had h'ordeuvres in the family room, with the fire blazing and the football game on. Cheese, crackers, mini weenies, dips and roasted nuts were consumed.

The first course in the dining room was mozzarella, tomatoes, and all the cured meats. My favorite is the prosciutto bread. Yummy!

After a petite pause, we had butternut squash ravioli.

Am I making you hungry yet?

And then finally the main course: TURKEY!
My dad carved the turkey. Mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, and salad were placed on the table for the main course.
We clinked glasses and dug in.
The turkey is my least favorite part! I love all the sides much more.

For dessert we had apple pie, my favorite, and chocolate pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cookies, chocolates and fruit!

After I was completely stuffed, I had to put my loose waisted pjs on. All the eating made me so tired, I passed out.

Friday morning, I woke up still full and ran over to my doctor’s appointment. I then went to work at J.Crew! Black Friday was absolutely nuts! Thankfully, I only worked from 3:15-8pm, because I was pooped! It was such a crazy and stressful day, but I had some fun with it!
So clearly, I did not go shopping on Friday... nor had any desire to after work.

Saturday, my family and I took the train into Manhattan to see Dear Evan Hansen. New York was so crowded. The music of this Tony Award winning musical was amazing. Such a sad story, I cried, but beautiful at the same time.

Sunday morning, I headed back to North Carolina, not without some difficulty. Our plane had to get de-iced, which delayed us. It was a really rough, bumpy flight. The good thing was that I bumped into some sorority sisters at the airport and we Ubered home together!
I also made it back to Wake just in time for the men’s soccer game! We played University of Michigan, creamed them and bumped them out of the running for the championship. Wake is now headed to the quarter finals next Saturday!

This week is going to be crazy because it is my last week of class. I have a lot of assignments and finals due this week and early next week. Love Feast is this Sunday, concert choir is performing there, and we also have our choir concert this week.
Finals start Monday, and then I am home in New York again on Thursday! CRAZY!
There are also lots of holiday events this week on campus. Hopefully these events will start to put me in the holiday spirit. You can follow me along at all of the events on my Instagram stories because I am doing 25 days of T&P! I will be vlogging everyday until Christmas on my stories! J


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