Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"You are not safe here..."

If you go to Wake Forest then you’ve already heard that apparently we’re “not safe here...” That sounds a bit threatening but apparently, it’s not.

A group of five friends have some very strong feelings and opinions about Wake right now so they created a blog about it, The Sixth Circle, and those words, "you are not safe here," were the first words on the page of their blog.

They also have been emailing students to join their Sixth Circle if they feel the pain that they do.
If you read the whole article it makes some very valid and strong points; about the underpayment and poor treatment by students of the custodial staff and the food workers and the lack of free speech on campus. 
I did a whole blog post last year on free speech during the presidential election, and you can read that HERE.

They also commented on an overhaul of the curriculum, which I don’t necessarily agree with and the abolishment of Greek life, which again I don’t agree with.

At the end of the day, I am all for free speech and sharing ideas, but I think these students are very upset and thus went around their ideas in not the best way.

This is the reason why we have a student government. If you have an issue, or something you would like to change, all students have the freedom and ability to go speak to student government. 
At the same time, here I am speaking about their issues and publicizing them more. The whole school has probably read their article by now, so I think they got what they wanted! 
I understand that these students must be scared and too nervous to speak their views but I think if they really want to get something done, they should bring their thoughts to student government and then let student government try to do something about them!

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