Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Things I HATE

Or really, things I used to hate.

Button down shirts have in the past always annoyed me. I remember Christmas one year where my mom put me in this white button down with bell sleeves with little plaid bows on the sleeves and a matching plaid skirt. I hated the white button down. I hated being constricted and I remember feeling really uncomfortable.
It’s funny that now white button downs are now the shirts that I wear the most.

Back in the day I also hated nicknames and I have neutral feelings about them now.
I used to cry when anyone called me anything but my full name.
I used to get so offended and I guess I still do.
Some of my sorority sisters have started calling me by my last name as well as a nickname from my last name.
It’s kind of weird, and at first, I did not really like it, but now it is growing on me. It has a nice ring to it and it feels nice to have a cute nickname by my friends.

J Crew white Oxford button down
American Eagle boyfriend jeans
J Crew gold tassel earrings
Michael Kors gold Blair watch
Ray-Ban black and gold classic aviators
DSW pink flats
J Crew cheetah belts


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