Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gotta Love a Campus Tour

I feel like campus tours are all I ever talk about anymore!
I love being a tour guide!!
I think it is so much fun, because:

a) I get to talk about myself, and who doesn’t love to do that 
b) I get to share what I love about my school with potential students 
c) I get reminded of how much I love WAKE after I give a tour
d) I get to crack jokes 
e) I get a really nice calf workout in while I am walking backwards on my tours!

It is spring break for most of the country, and all the accepted student’s got their letters from Wake the other day!
Over 1000 potential students have been visiting this week and we have had four tours each day this week, compared to the usual two.

I always make jokes when I see campus tours to my friends because I remember what it was like to be touring colleges with my mom. College application time was so stressful and SO NOT FUN!
But now that I am at my dream school I am so in love every day.
I love being a tour guide because I get to show off my school!
I love that all of the students touring Wake want to go here and I feel so lucky and so blessed that I actually get to go here!
Click HERE if you want to read my blog post from the FIRST time I visited Wake!
And click HERE to read about when I got accepted into Wake!

As you can tell, the potential students were so excited to be at Wake they HAD to be in my pictures because they HAD to be featured on T&P!!

Banana Republic off the shoulder blouse
Tory Burch black Reva ballet flats
Tory Burch double pearl earrings


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