Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Opinions from Cairo, Egypt

Last week I did a piece about how amazing my university is (click HERE to read that) and today I'm going to do the same!
Yesterday, my politics class and I had a video conference with a class from Cairo and discussed American and Arab politics! It was really interesting, and the discussion even got quite heated when we discussed the War on Terrorism.
It was interesting to hear their misconceptions of American students and they helped fix some of our misconceptions of Arabs.
I learned a lot!
I’ve been learning that this is REALLY how you learn! You share your ideas with others, whether that be in the dining hall, in class or with students from across the Atlantic!

My English professor wrote in her syllabus that she wants us to share our ideas with the class because we are all so smart and that we all got into Wake because of our thoughtful ideas and opinions of the world.

I get very nervous sharing my opinions in class or participating unless I’m answering a question from a textbook. It is hard to go to a school like Wake where everyone is so smart. I get nervous that my classmates or professors will judge my ideas and think that my ideas are stupid.
But I’m working on it.
I am smart.

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