Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Little Taste of New York

I am a little homesick these days as school is starting to wind down.
It makes sense that I miss home because I haven’t been in the greatest state in the country in over three months. And I know that doesn’t seem that long, but I have also not seen my family since January, when I left for sorority rush.

However, I am very excited to be visiting my brother in Kentucky this weekend for Easter!
I am going to be visiting my twin brother who goes to the University of Kentucky.
My parents are also flying down to visit us over our Easter weekends.

I am really looking forward to going to Kentucky because I have never been!
I’ve heard its gorgeous!
Get ready for some beautiful pictures on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) and some cool new blog posts here on T&P!

Because I am missing my home state, the capital of the world, I have a little taste of it in my outfit!
I know you can’t really see my kerchief very well, but it is a New York themed one.
There is a piece of pizza, a yellow taxi, the Empire State Building, a pretzel, a hot dog and illustrations of other “New Yorkey” things.

I have a Paris one, so I thought I needed a New York one!
A Florida one next?

H&M navy blue sweater
Tory Burch nude ballet flats


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