Saturday, March 17, 2018

My University is Amazing

I would just like to say that I go to the most amazing school ever.
Wake Forest is ranked #27 in the nation for universities and I could not be prouder to go to this school.
I know that there are schools ranked higher than us and we are not Ivy League, but we are pretty close.

When I decided to go to Wake, I went back and forth with trying to get into a higher ranked university because I was worried about trying to get a job out of college. And although I do not have a job lined up, I am pretty confident in saying that I know I will be able to get a job because of this wonderful university that I attend.

Over the past semester I have started to appreciate my beautiful school a bit more.
I knew going into Wake that I would be getting an amazing education and I would have access to a strong alumni network, but I really didn’t appreciate all that information.
However, when I was abroad in Spain for spring break I realized just how large Wake is, not only in the US but in the world.

In Salamanca my group was given a tour of the city by Wake professors. I knew that was only possible because the professors are there with the Wake students who are aboard at the moment in Salamanca, but I just thought it was amazing that the Wake Forest name and reputation is all over the world and not just in little North Carolina.

I also finally started to appreciate all the amazing knowledge I can gain from this institution.
A professor and Shakespearean, Jean Howard, came to campus yesterday and gave a lecture on her new book.
While I was in that lecture I was mesmerized by the fact that everyone at Wake is so smart and that all these professors and speakers from even bigger and better universities than Wake are coming and sharing their thoughts with us.

This is how you learn. You share your ideas and thoughts with professors and students from other schools.

As my second year of college is coming to a close I am finally appreciating how amazing my school actually is!


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