Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Playing With Layers

This year for lent I am not giving something up but rather doing self-love for lent!
The other day I wrote myself a self-love note and said that one thing I love about myself is my sense of style.
And I really do or why else would I create a whole blog about it?

Going off of the trend of loving my style, I decided to play around with some layers and wear an outfit combination that I have always wanted to try but never did.

I got a lot of complements on my layering yesterday!
This sweater and lace shirt underneath are two separate pieces.
The lace shirt is a tank top that is a bit risqué but paired on top of a pink oversized sweater it isn't risqué at all!
I love the balance of dark and light and the contrast between the softness of the sweater and the delicacy of the lace.
I'm a big fan!

I have noticed that I keep repeating my outfits and don't try anything new anymore!
Not anymore! Coming to you real soon are new outfits that I think you guys will LOVE!

H&M lace tank top
H&M pink oversized sweater
American eagle dark wash jeans
DSW black over the knee boots
Rocksbox gold hoop earrings


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