Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's Official!!

I know that title could mean a lot of things, but, for me, it’s official that I am a double major in English and French Studies with a minor in Politics and International Affairs!

On Monday morning I declared my double majors and minor and signed my life away to the English, French and Politics Departments at Wake.
I can change my majors at any time but now it is official, and it is more challenging to just change on a whim.

I thought the process of declaring was going to be a big dramatic, exciting process but rather it was very anticlimactic.
Some departments just made me fill out a Google form with my name on it.

I wish it was more climatic and I wish there were balloons and a celebration but rather the department secretaries just handed me a piece of paper with important dates to remember.
It was very anticlimactic, but I will make it a bigger deal than it was because that is just how I roll!!

Here is my super studious outfit to match my overachieving life:

Vince Camuto burgundy ballet flats
Michael Kors gold Blair watch


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