Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Can't Get Enough

I have a new addition to my RUFFLE collection!!
 I am in love with this gray t-shirt dress from Zaful! I love this dress, it is actually pretty warm and super comfortable! Zaful is so great because they have the most adorable styles for really good prices!
Zaful is great for trying out new trends and styles without killing your bank account! This dress was under $20 and it will look great in the fall and spring!
P.S. Zaful is having a HUGE SALE right now!
So go check it out!!

I now have three items all with the same ruffle sleeves!
I have the shirt that started it all from H&M! (Read that blog post HERE.) I am so glad I bought that shirt last spring.
And then I have my sweater from Francesca's! (Read that blog post HERE). I am obsessed with it and I am definitely doing to bring it home over Thanksgiving break! 
P.S. I go home in a week from today! I can't wait!

Do you know how everyone has their signature item or look in their wardrobe? Like for my mom it is silk scarves and for my friend Grace it is anything with tassels. Maybe ruffles is my thing!?
I just can't get enough of them!

Zaful gray t-shirt dress with ruffled sleeves (similar)
Burgundy stud earrings 


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