Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Snow Challenge

Happy Tuesday (feels like Monday for me!)
So as you can tell by the title of the post there was a bit of a challenge leaving school today because of the snow... My friend Michelle (Happy almost 18th birthday!) drives me home from school because she lives right around the corner from me, and because she loves me, and I unfortunately don't have my license yet. (Don't worry I only have 1 more driver's ed class!) Anyway, so she parked behind a big and I mean really big pile of snow today. I knew it would be tough for her to pull out so I said let me help you out and stand at the rear of the car and help direct you out. So this snow pile was sooooooo big she physically couldn't get out of her parking spot. She was literally backing up into the pile, or should I say mountain of snow. So another friend tried to direct her out of the spot but it just wasn't working. So then we found an adult who helped us and he said "Oh come on you can get out of that spot, I could park a 2 ton truck in that spot and get it out....." Yeah okay buddy sure! I asked the guy for  a shovel to shovel the snow out of the way, but he said he would just direct her.  So he helped Michelle but it literally took 15 minutes. It was all about patience and persistence! Her wheels were skidding and she was literally on top of this pile of snow. So good thing I wore my big pink Hunter boots today!! 

Boots: Hunter pink rain boots with faux fur boot socks
Necklace: J Crew gold and crystal statement necklace (similar)
Earrings: Tiffany pearls 


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