Monday, January 4, 2016

Taking Chances

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my blog and Happy New Year!!!
I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and I hope you did as well!
I am honestly in shock that this is my high school graduation year. I can't believe that I made it!
I also can't believe that I wore a turtleneck to school today! And that our Christmas tree is still up! (Oops!)
Today was my first day back to school after the long break and I'm not going to lie it was a little tough, but I powered through!

Some of my resolutions for this year are to continue to work hard in school, even though I am a senior, because I know I will regret it later in life if I don't continue to try my hardest, and to just have fun! During the school week I am very focused and am all work work work and no play. But since it is almost 2nd semester I need to take more chances in life, be flexible and have fun!!!
What are some of your resolutions?

One of my resolutions is to take more chances and that is what I am doing today by wearing a turtleneck! I used to have them in elementary school and I thought they were the geekiest thing. In middle school I still thought they were geeky but now I'm a high school senior and I'm the geek! That's okay! I happen to love the color of this one and it kept me extra warm today because it was 18 degrees with the wind! And surprisingly enough I had several friends wearing turtlenecks at school today! Go us!!

Boots: Tory Burch black riding boots (similar)
Earrings: Tiffany pearls


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