Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not the Average "Sick Day" Outfit

Today is my best friend Michelle's 18th birthday!! YAY!! 
We went after school and she bought herself a lottery ticket and unfortunately didn't win anything! Sorry Mitchie!!

I am feeling quite under the weather! I have a really bad cough and I literally never get sick. I usually miss 1 day of school each year because of a head cold but besides that I only go to the doctor for a check up because I am a pretty healthy kid! *Knock on wood* I feel bad because today I was taking a test in English and I was literally coughing every 5 minutes, and I hope it wasn't too distracting or annoying! For whatever reason I always get sick this week every year. Every year I do this same activity on this Friday (you will see what fun activity I am talking about after Friday: it has something to do with plaid and cowgirl boots!!) and I am always sick for it! I think three years ago I actually stayed home from school sick that day because I had a fever but I hope I don't have one this year because this will be my last year doing this activity. 
I actually took a nap after school today because I was coughing all night last night even after taking Nyquil! Come on!!

To compensate for being sick I wore a super warm and cozy outfit today! And just because I am sick doesn't mean I am going to go to school looking sick and lazy in what I wear! 

Earrings: Tiffany pearls


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